What to do if your show has been postponed Posted on 03/04/2020

What to do if your show has been postponed

Due to the current situation, many exhibitors have found that their shows have now been postponed, with some events unfortunately having to cancel until 2021.

So where does this leave exhibitors who have booked their spaces at shows that have been affected?

Here are a few pointers to help you get started:


1) Establish that your show has actually been postponed

It probably seems obvious, but you should check to see if your show has actually been postponed or cancelled. The last thing you want is for the event to take place and there’s a great big empty space where your company should be on opening morning!

If you hear any rumours of the show being postponed, double check. Most show organisers will get in touch with each exhibitor if there are any changes, so it’s best to get in touch with the organisers directly if you have any doubts.


2) New dates


Another obvious pointer, but it’s important to note down the new show dates. This may mean that you will have to inform all staff members who were planning to attend the exhibition, check who can make the new dates, and make changes to any hotel and transport bookings.

It’s also important to notify any contractors or suppliers about these changes. Most should already be monitoring each show anyway, but never assume!


3) Change of venue


The event dates may not be the only change. Due to availability, some shows have had to move venue location as well. This is something that the show organisers will hopefully communicate with you.

Are you having something delivered to the show? Remember to tell the supplier or courier, otherwise they’ll no doubt head to the original venue!


4) Re-book pre-ordered services


You may have already booked your electrical order for your exhibition stand, rigging services if you have a hanging banner, or perhaps any catering service such as a coffee machine or reception drinks. Get in touch with the show supplier for each service to either get a refund or check if the services can be postponed until the new show dates.

It’s important to know that any change in venue may also change the supplier, which means you might have to cancel a service and re-order with another show supplier. Exhibitor manuals should be updated to include all new supplier details.


5) Storage of bespoke stand


Like many of our clients, your bespoke stand components may have already been ready for install. So what do you do with it now? The best option is to keep it in safe and secure storage so that it is packed away and ready for the new install dates.

Most stand contractors will have storage solutions to offer.


6) More time to prepare!


Do you ever complain that your company organises everything for their show last minute? Now that you’ve got more time to prepare for your event, take advantage!

Have you considered your social media strategy for the show? Do you want to re-design your exhibition stand layout? Should you look for extra branding opportunities with additional promotional items? How about a marketing mailout campaign letting your clients know of the new show dates?

MxL are here for all exhibitors who are unsure about what the future holds for their next event.

Feel free to get in touch today on 01992 642 642 and talk to our friendly staff about any postponed, cancelled or future shows you may require help with.