If you’re investing in a large exhibition stand, your stand design needs to incorporate a space that will be suitable for meetings. This could either be a partitioned area or even a room, or just somewhere with seating and possibly a table as well. However, you need to be careful about where you place your meeting space. If it’s situated at the front of your stand, the furniture can act as a physical barrier that will subconsciously put people off getting close to find out more. There are a number of reasons why providing a formal or informal meeting area on your stand will be beneficial.

It looks like you mean business

You’re at the exhibition or trade show in order to do business, so why not show that’s your intention by having a dedicated area in which to conduct it? It will demonstrate to decision makers visiting the show that your staff are the right people to speak to and will make them more likely to stop and talk, or make an appointment to come back at a better time.

It’s quieter

Exhibition halls are very noisy! They’re generally housed in large buildings with high ceilings which, combined with the thousands of people milling around and talking business, can create quite a din. If you can create a space that’s slightly away from the crowds, soundproofed by furniture and partitions, you’ll have more of a haven in which to talk properly. And your potential client will appreciate it.

It offers privacy

When you’re talking to prospects, both of you will value the privacy a meeting area provides. It’s highly likely that many of your competitors will be attending the same show, so if you’re talking with someone while you’re standing in a crowd of people, you never know who might overhear your conversation. By providing an area in which to talk more privately, you can be confident that your meeting will remain confidential.



The one thing you can guarantee about trade shows and exhibitions is that they’re tiring! If you’ve provided a meeting area where visitors can sit down and take the weight off their feet, your potential clients will really appreciate it! They’re much more likely to listen to what you’re saying rather than thinking about how much their feet hurt or how much they’re looking forward to their next cup of tea. So make sure they’re comfortable and also offer them something to drink.

It looks good

Having a meeting area will make your stand look more attractive. The danger with exhibition stands is that you try to make them do too much, and they could end up looking cluttered. Having a meeting area that only has chairs and possibly a small table will help it look more spacious and business-like, reflecting well on your brand. If you’d like to see how other companies have integrated meeting spaces into their exhibition stands, have a look through our gallery.

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