ARTICLE UPDATE (24/11): As a result of the Winter Plan, large events, including business events, elite sport events and live performances may run at the following capacities: At Tier 1 these will be 50% capacity or 4,000 outdoors and 1,000 indoors, whichever is lower and at Tier 2 these will be 50% capacity or 2,000 outdoors and 1,000 indoors, whichever is lower.

With limited restrictions still in place, indoor business events and meetings can still run so long as it is only up to 30 people attending.  Having a restricted number of attendees doesn’t mean that you have to be restrictive on your branding though.

You can dedicate a bit more time in making them feel extra special and still put on an event that is on brand and at a competitive rate.

Our business event package allows you to Mix and Match between a selection of branded displays and items that will help make your business meeting a memorable one.  Our selection includes:

  • Branded Hand sanitiser station: a great way to help promote personal hygiene at your event, ensuring that everyone feels safe.
  • 2m wide roller banner: being slightly larger than a standard 1m wide roller banner display will make sure that your key messaging and brand awareness is seen throughout the meeting.
  • Branded lectern: our branded lecterns can come flat packed for easy transport and are ideal if giving a presentation.
  • Branded face masks: similar to the branded hand sanitiser stations, branded face masks will help encourage and remind attendees to stay safe at all times throughout the meeting.
  • Branded notebook and pen set: ideal for letting attendees make notes throughout your meeting so they do not forget any important details.

All items are available to Mix and Match to suit your specific business event.  If there’s any further displays or branded items required, then we can include these in your own tailor made package.

We can even setup everything at your chosen venue as well if required!

Our standard lead time is approx. 10 working days from approval of artwork, but can be available quicker subject to availability.

Get in touch today to discuss your next business event.  Call us now on 01992 642 642 or email

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