As all exhibition stands can be made bespoke to suit company preferences, there is no right or wrong answer when choosing the components that will feature on your exhibition stand.

A familiar feature for many exhibition stands is to have a reception desk or counter near the front of the stand. Having a bespoke reception counter that will be unique to your exhibition stand has plenty of positives.

Here are a few examples of how it can enhance your stand space:

1) Welcoming visitors:

A reception counter is an ideal starting point on a stand for visitors. Having the counter near the front of the stand gives you the chance to welcome each visitor, hopefully, to entice them to talk with you about your company and services

2) Easy use for handing out promotional giveaways or literature:

If you have plenty of branded promotional giveaways or literature that you wish to hand out, then having a reception counter helps display these items easily. It also makes it easier for passers-by to take your company information if they do not have time to talk.

3) Extra storage space:

If you have plenty of promotional items, literature, drinks, or even just your coats and bags to store, then a counter is perfect for extra storage. They prove even more useful on stands that are perhaps too small to include a storage room on.

4) Additional brand awareness:

As all reception counters can be made bespoke, it is a great chance to provide additional brand awareness for your company by applying graphics to the front faces of the counter. Making a feature out of the counter, such as having a light box graphic or an interactive iPad display, is a great way to attract attention to your company image.

Still unsure whether you need a reception counter for your stand?  Talk to us today regarding your next exhibition stand on 01992 642 642 or email and we can help decide if it is right or not for your requirements.

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