When exhibiting at a trade show, it is important to maximise your brand exposure so visitors remember your company and services.

Having a truly unique exhibition stand is an ideal way of standing out amongst other competitive exhibitors, and backing this up with branded items is key in helping emphasise your business.

Here is our list of essential branded items to guarantee maximum exposure at your next trade show:

1) Branded bags:

Branded promotional bags make it easy for you to pass over any literature information to visitors. It will also help spread your brand and message throughout the whole show when the visitors walk around all the other booths. Opting for a branded bag that can be used again, such as a branded cotton shopper, will more likely be kept after the show as well.

2) Promotional lanyards:

Promotional lanyards help visitors identify your staff members that are manning your exhibition stand, making it easier for them to approach if they have any questions about your services. Your staff will also be a walking advert, with your brand being visually exposed when they walk around the show themselves.

3) Branded clothing:

Much like promotional lanyards, branded clothing will help visitors recognise your staff on your exhibition stand. It also promotes unison as a company. You can be creative with a clever message on the reverse of the clothing as well.

4) Bottled water:

Trade shows can be very tiring to walk around. Offering visitors a branded bottle of water will guarantee a great response. By giving a refreshing and well-needed drink enhances your business as a company who cares about their customer’s well-being.

5) Branded furniture:

Branded furniture can range from subtly printed cushions to fully branded beanbags, depending on how you wish your company to be portrayed. It helps reiterate your company’s brand, making sure that you are well remembered by each visitor.

6) Promotional giveaways:

Handing out a promotional giveaway to all the visitors is a sure way that they will remember you after the show. Choosing which promotional giveaway to hand out all depends on your company’s brand and message, the trade show you are exhibiting at and who the visitors will be. For example, if it is a technology-based show then you may wish to give a promotional giveaway that can prove useful to tech-based minds, such as branded stylus pens, USBs, power bank chargers, or screen cloths for touchscreen devices.

With so many options available to choose from, it can be quite daunting in choosing the correct branded item for your next show.

Instead of trawling through endless promotional catalogues, call us on 01992 642 642 or email info@mxlltd.co.uk and let us do the searching for you.

We will suggest the branded items that are best suited for your requirements.

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