Attracting people to your stand at exhibitions has always been something you have to work at. Exhibitions and trade shows are hugely competitive and many attract thousands of visitors. Companies that take a small, generic stand and just turn up on the day are far less likely to draw attention than a business that has invested time and money, both in publicising its attendance in advance and by creating an eye-catching stand that’ll attract passing traffic at the event itself. With all the time and money a business needs to invest to ensure that its a success at an exhibition or trade show, it’s no surprise that companies are willing to try out new ways to attract maximum attention. Here are some of the latest exhibition trends we think will be effective in 2019.

Virtual Reality (VR)

If you’re marketing a product that’s too big to bring to an exhibition, or if you’d like to give potential customers an immersive experience that’ll be fun or encourage an emotional connection with your brand, VR is the way forward! However, if you are going to use VR, make sure you provide people with a safe space, so they don’t feel like they’re going to trip over anything or bump into people while they’re absorbed in your virtual world!

Selfie opportunities

Do you have an unusual or a fun product? Why not create a space or artwork on your stand that will attract people who want to take selfies? The more imaginative the better as it’ll result in lots of photos being posted on social media, thereby generating much greater brand awareness.

Unusual materials

There’s no reason why an exhibition stand has to be made from normal panels. You can be as creative as you like, whether you want to go eco by using recycled materials, go rustic with raw wood effect, or go loud by creating your stand with graphic light boxes!

A comfortable space

Being a visitor at exhibitions and trade shows can be very tiring. There’s a lot of walking and talking to be done and if you’re talking to a prospect you’ve got to bear in mind that they may be focusing more on their sore feet, aching back or the need for a nice cuppa than they are on your sales pitch. So give them somewhere comfortable to sit while you chat; not only will they be more likely to pay attention to you, they’ll also be happier to talk for longer, making it more likely they’ll place an order.


If you are exhibiting in 2019 and would like to stand out from the crowd, talk to us about how we can design and build a stand for your company that does just that.

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