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Ever wondered the difference between a shell scheme and a space only stand? Not sure what RAMs are?

We’ve put together an A-Z list of answers to ‘frequently asked questions’, useful resources and jargon busters to help with your next event.

Can’t find what you’re looking for?  Call us on 01992 642 642 or email info@mxlltd.co.uk and we will be happy to help!


Artwork: Artwork is your branding that we will use to create graphics.

We require print ready artwork for your graphics in an editable vectorised EPS, PDF
or AI file.

Struggling to create print ready artwork? We offer an artwork service to make sure
all graphic layouts are correct and to your liking.

AV: AV stands for Audio Visual, which is electronic media such as TV screens,
touchscreens, video walls, laptops, iPads and other tablet devices.

Looking to include screens to showcase your media or to use as demos? We can
provide a wide range of AV solutions for your next event.

All media should be supplied in mp4 files and sent to us in advance of the show so
we can test all is working fine before the install. Not sure if your file is correct? Send
across to us and we can check for you.


Barista service: A Barista is a person who prepares and serves hot drinks.

Is there a better way to draw in visitors at an event than with freshly brewed coffee?
Our friendly barista team take care of everything, so you can concentrate on
networking rather than making sure you’re not running out of beans!

Brand guidelines: Brand guidelines are a set of rules that explain how your brand works, typically
including basic information such as colour pallettes, font type, logo variations and
any image style or photography.

MxL always ask for brand guidelines where possible to ensure that we adhere to
your brand guidelines.

Branded merchandise: Branded merchandise is any product that contains a logo or a brand on it, mostly
used as promotional material.

Looking to leave a bigger brand impact at your next event? Our dedicated
branded merchandise service lets you pick from a wide range of branded corporate
gifts and incentive products for all your events needs.

Breakdown / Dismantle: A show breakdown or dismantle is the time allocated for contractors to remove all
bespoke builds from the site or venue.

We always double check the exact timings of the breakdown to make sure that we
have enough crew capable of removing everything from site within the allocated


CAD: CAD stands for Computer Aided Design, used to increase the productivity of the
designer and improve the quality of the design.

We have an experienced in-house CAD team that ensure all projects have full
construction drawings ready for production, either working from our own designs or
from our client’s concepts.

Contractor badges or passes: In order to gain access to the install and breakdown, all contractors require badges
or passes.

MxL take care of obtaining our contractor badges through the show organisers,
meaning that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

CNC: CNC Routers (or Computer Numerical Control router if you want to be technical) is a machine that can be used to cut out simple and complex shapes on a wide range of materials, such as MDF, Ply and acrylic, rather than by the traditional hand methods. For more information, check our CNC cutting and Routing service page.


Design: A design is a visual representation of how your stand or display will initially look like.

Whether from a brief or a detailed design, all of our projects are completely realised
in full 3D working drawings. This gives our customers the ability to see all details
and any issues before the construction process begins.


Electrical order: If you require electrical power on your stand, then you will have to order electrics
through the show contractor (usually found in your exhibitor manual).

We usually suggest that you order your own electrics directly through the show
contractor as the cost of this is out of our hands. We will always provide an electrical
grid plan and advise on how many sockets to order. However, if you wish for peace
of mind, we can order the electrics on your behalf if required!

Events: Whether it's a one-off roadshow or an annual conference, we have the knowledge and experience to make sure that your next event is displayed perfectly. Check our Events page for more information.

Exhibition stands: When exhibiting at a show, each exhibitor is allocated a stand space.  Contractors such as ourselves then design and build an exhibition stand for the client that will fit into their regulated space.  For more information, visit our Exhibition stands page.

Exhibitor Manual: Event organisers will often provide exhibitors with an exhibitor manual.  This will include all the show information that the exhibitor will need, from setup timings to deadline dates for submission.  Most manuals are now done as online portals.

We are happy to login on your behalf to double check all submission deadlines and any other logistics required for setup.


Furniture: We have our own range of furniture in stock, from bar stools and poseur tables to
meeting desks and benches. We can also outsource a wider range of furniture items
to best complement your event.

As standard we hire all our furniture, but there is an option to purchase if part of a kit
that is touring.


Graphics: Graphics are the visual images or designs of your logo or brand.

We supply and apply all graphic requirements for your event. With so many graphic
options available, we will always suggest the best solution for your branding.


Hanging banners: Hanging banners are branded displays that are suspended from the ceiling.

MxL can supply hanging banners to add additional high level branding to your stand or event. We will check with the show organisers and venue on additional rigging

Health and safety: MxL adhere to all health and safety measures, and always submit full Risk Assessment and Method Statements with our stand plan submissions.

Height Restrictions: Each show or venue will have its own height restrictions. In traditional exhibition
venues, a shell scheme stand maximum height is 2.4m and a space only stand
maximum height is 4m.

MxL always check with the event organisers on maximum heights allowed.


Install / Build timings: A show install or build is the time allocated for contractors to install all bespoke
builds from the site or venue.

We always double check the exact timings of the install to make sure that we have
enough crew capable of installing everything before the show or event opens.

We use the same team who manufacture your project to install your project as well.

This limits any on site confusion and provides a smoother build.


Juice Bar: Looking for a healthy alternative to the Barista service? Our same barista team can
swap the coffee for a healthy freshly squeezed juice smoothie. Delicious!


Lead time: Lead times vary depending on the project. We normally ask for 2 months before
show opening for exhibition stands or events, which gives us plenty of time to
organise everything and not miss out on any early bird bookings.

However, we have turned around projects much quicker (some exhibition stands
within a week), so do not hesitate to ask! If we can, we will!


MDF: (Medium Density Fibreboard) is an engineered wood product made by breaking down hardwood or softwood residues into wood fibres, combining it with wax and a resin binder to form into panels by applying high pressure and temperature.

We often work with MDF due to its strength and sturdiness compared to other materials.

Museum Set work: We have been installing bespoke set works into museums for years now, having the knowledge and experience to install in a professional and safe manner.  For more information visit our Museums page.


Payment terms: Our standard payment terms on any bespoke build project are 50% to process the
order, with the final 50% payment required prior to install or delivery.

Project management: Every bespoke project is allocated a dedicated project manager, who will
oversee the whole process by checking and double-checking every stage. We
are with you every step of the way to make sure that you are 100% satisfied
with the end result.


RAMS (Risk assessment and Method Statement): Most shows will require each stand to provide its own Risk Assessment and Method
Statement for the build and install.

MxL will always provide our own documents to submit to the show organisers.

Retail: Check our Retail page

Rigging: If you have a hanging banner, then you will need to order the rigging of the banner.

As per the electrical order, rigging costs are ordered directly through the show
contractor. We can take care of any rigging costs through the show contractor if you
have hanging banners on your stand.


Shell Scheme exhibition stand: A shell scheme exhibition stand is a pre-built modular style booth that is provided by the show organiser. A basic shell scheme package will most likely include 2.4m height stand walls, fascia board, lighting, carpet and a power socket.

It acts as a blank canvas for you to promote your brand. MxL can provide creative
solutions to give your shell scheme package more impact.

Space only exhibition stand: A space only exhibition stand means exactly that. All you have ordered is the actual
space in the exhibition hall for your event. This means that you need an exhibition
stand contractor (such as MxL!) to help build your stand from scratch.

MxL specialise in space only exhibition stands. View our gallery page here.

Stand plan submission: If you have opted for a space only stand, then you will be required to submit your
stand plans along with all health and safety documents to the show organisers. This
is so they can check that all stand structures adhere to the stand size, height
restrictions and structural safety.

MxL take care of all stand plans and health and safety submissions for you!

Stand plan inspection fees: We have noticed that some shows charge a fee to
inspect submitted stand plans. Whilst this is something that we do not agree with, it
is a fee that is out of our hands and cannot be wavered.

Storage: Are you looking to re-use your stand at future shows? We offer secure storage to
keep your stand ready for your next event!


Transport: We use our own fleet of vehicles to transport all projects for install.


Vehicle Passes: These are passes to ensure site access to the show on setup and dismantle days.

MxL take care of our own vehicle passes.

Venues: With over 40 years experience, we have worked in most venues in the UK and
Europe. Each venue has its own rules and regulations for installs, which are second
nature to us.

Some grade listed venues allow approved suppliers only for install. As an example,
we are an approved supplier for Tobacco Docks, London.


Workshop: We build in our own workshop based in Hertford, using tried and tested methods mixed with cutting edge technology, giving us complete control of the manufacture process.