When you take a stand at an exhibition or trade show, the idea is to reach as many potential buyers or suppliers as possible. Growing your business organically can be a slow process, so the idea of investing in an exhibition is to make more contacts in one or two days than you ever would in the normal course of events. And given that even the smaller exhibitions can attract hundreds of people, and the large ones can attract thousands, that’s a lot of potential business!

Maximising your impact in order to get a much better return on your investment is key to your success, and that involves more than just making sure your best decision-makers and salespeople talk to as many people as possible at the event.

Your exhibition stand is an important factor in the success of the event, which is why you need to make a big splash in order to stand out from the crowd. A unique, design-led stand not only attracts more footfall, but it also attracts the right people, making it more likely that you’ll get to talk to good prospects.

Here are our Five Top Tips for planning a stand-out exhibition stand!

Keep it simple

In a sea of promotional goodies, leaflets and displays cramming as many products as possible onto shelves, a bright, minimalist, design-led stand can make a huge difference.

Make it comfortable

If you want people to linger long enough to hear everything you have to tell them, make yours a comfortable stand. Trudging around exhibitions and trade shows is very tiring and people will be grateful for the opportunity to take the weight off their feet for a while.

Add lighting

Clever lighting is always attractive and will make your stand even more eye-catching when used effectively to highlight displays

Rise above the crowd

Most exhibition halls have very tall ceilings, so why not try and get above the competition by raising the height of your stand. That way, you’re more likely to be visible to people as soon as they get into the hall and they can make a beeline for you!

Bespoke 3D signs

We can make all sorts of 3D signs in all kinds of shapes and patterns with our CNC cutting tools, ensuring a huge brand impact. Check out our video on our CNC routing service to see how it works and what it can do.

Contact us to find out how we can help you by designing, building and installing your exhibition stand so you make maximum impact!

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