Let’s get things straight…we’re not suggesting for one second that attending an exhibition is the most eco-friendly way to get your product seen or your brand out there. It’s simply not. However, being centre stage in an exhibition hall is sometimes the best way to connect with customers and potential customers face-to-face and the opportunity to reach such an audience is too good to pass up. If being at a show is a ‘must’, you can still be mindful of your environmental impact and make eco-friendly choices along the way, without having to compromise on style. It just requires a bit of thought and planning.

An important part of environmental sustainability is the ability to reuse a product as much as possible. Unfortunately, at a lot of trade shows, you’ll see exhibitors dumping their stands in the skip when the curtains close (sadly it’s the nature of the beast sometimes). For companies that are exhibiting more than once a year though (even twice is worth it!), an ideal way to save time, money and the planet is to reuse the stand.

Reusable stands are an ideal investment. Once you have decided on a design, you can roll it out over a number of shows. We have lots of clients that take this approach nowadays. They are able to cut down on the materials and components they use over a longer period, all the while saving money (you’ll of course have to factor in the transport, installation and removal costs each time). It also makes life much simpler. If the stand design is well thought out in the initial stages (a good exhibition contractor will be able to help with this), there is no reason it can’t have the same impact show after show.

It doesn’t have to be a cheap-looking pop-up stand either. Good exhibition companies can offer bespoke modular stands that look great, deliver high impact and can be used multiple times, reducing waste in the long term.

With a bespoke, modular stand design, you can adapt to each show you attend. You are likely to come across varying floor space sizes, restrictions and access points at different venues but if you break your stand down into a series of individual modular components, it won’t be a problem. Again, a decent exhibition contractor will be able to assist with this and ensure the components can slot together to fit their new surroundings. For example, if you’ve been exhibiting at a huge monster of a show and a smaller, boutique event is next on the calendar, a skilled and experienced exhibition designer will be able to reduce and re-jig so your smaller stand looks just as attractive.

A consistent approach could be good for your brand (not to mention budget!). If the stand is recognisably the same at each show, those in the industry will be sure to take note – especially if it wows them as they walk past. Familiarity is key for brand awareness.

If you require some level of variation from show to show, you can change simple things like the graphics. Such a small addition can make a huge different to the look and feel of a space. It won’t cost the earth and it’s way easier and more environmentally friendly than starting from scratch and building an entirely new stand.

You can even go beyond reusing an exhibition stand. Think about the materials you’re specifying. Some are obviously more environmentally friendly than others. You could opt for recycled or recyclable materials. Then think about how you’re going to light your stand. Choose low energy lamps that have less of an impact on the environment. Also consider how you can recycle or reuse elements of your exhibition stand. Would the light fittings add interest to your showroom or could the graphics be turned into artwork for another project?

Of course, your main objective will be to have a successful show, whether that means wowing visitors with your new product or getting x amount of leads. Thankfully this can go hand in hand with being environmentally conscious. The planet doesn’t have to suffer for your success. So think wisely about the design, materials you are using and remember…every little helps.

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