Our CNC routing service has given us a wider scope when it comes to creatively designing bespoke space only exhibition stands.

What is CNC routing?

A CNC router (or Computer Numerical Control router if you were wondering…) is a cutting machine that is computer controlled, used for cutting various materials. It is a more efficient method of getting an accurate cut and is done much quicker than the traditional way by hand on a saw bed.

To see this machine in action, simply click here to view our CNC routing service video!

So what does this mean?

Well, it means that this fantastic CNC routing toy of ours gives us the chance to be very creative with unique shapes when designing bespoke exhibition stands.

It also helps speed up the whole production process, making our turnaround times quicker when we have tight lead times, even on larger projects.

How can CNC routing improve my exhibition stand?

By having the opportunity to create plenty of unique shapes, our creative designers can suggest new and exciting stand designs that will have a bigger impact without the heavy price tag, or affect the lead time.

For example, CNC routing bespoke 3D company logos is an easy and effective feature to have on an exhibition stand. Are you looking for more curves on your display, perhaps in the walling or counters? Not a problem!

You can probably imagine how long it used to take to manually create curves on a saw bed rather than straight edges, but with our CNC routing machine this is all programmed in and cut automatically with precision cutting. Of course, curves are always going to take slightly longer to create than straight edges, but this new process makes it much quicker and easier to construct.

With the help of our CAD technicians, we can nest out all shapes that need cutting on each board, allowing us to squeeze in as much as we can on one board for maximum sheet efficiency. This enables us to quote more accurately and give the best prices possible.

With a wide variety of materials that we can cut from, such as MDF, pre-veneered boards, ply, hardwood, foamex, acrylic, di-bond, softwood, and chipboard to name a few, we can create stand designs suited to the finish that you require.

Various other features of our CNC include managing to create a number of joining methods, which work great for Modular Stands that will be installed at a run of trade shows. We can also create with ease mitres, halve laps, mortice and tenon joins, rebates, V grooves, and accurately drilled through and pilot holes.

But let’s not bog you down with all the technical jargon…

All you need to know is that if you are looking for a space only bespoke exhibition stand that is completely unique to your company brand and image, MxL can design and build a stand to your liking with the aid of our fantastic CNC routing machine.

Feel free to get in touch to discuss your next trade show requirements on 01992 642 642 or email us at info@mxlltd.co.uk

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