How to attract, intrigue and educate visitors with great stand design Posted on 26/11/2018

The whole point of exhibiting at a trade show is to attract new people to your company in order to create leads and secure more sales. There is little point in spending a lot of time, energy and money on a dull stand design that will not attract anyone to your company. The problem is that yours... read more

How to make sure your trade show stand adds value Posted on 19/11/2018

If you think your success at a trade show is solely down to how good your stand is, then you’re going to be very disappointed. We would be very happy to design and build a fantastic exhibition stand for you that is bound to attract a lot of attention from potential clients and customers,... read more

5 Exhibiting top tips for your first exhibition or trade show Posted on 09/11/2018

Is your company taking a stand at a trade show for the first time? If you’ve never done anything like that before, you may be in for a surprise about the amount of hard work that goes into them, but also about the amount of business you can get out of them. However, it isn’t a case... read more

Using social media to build a buzz around your exhibition stand Posted on 17/10/2018

After investing thousands of pounds, sometimes even hundreds of thousands, some companies make the fatal mistake of concentrating ALL of their efforts and resources on the stand itself. Of course your stand needs to knock the socks off visitors, but if your customers and potential customers have... read more