Hearing that your flight has been cancelled is never good news, but it becomes a logistical nightmare when you have a project overseas that you need to get to.

Unfortunately this bit of bad luck happened to us last week on the day we were scheduled to travel to Amsterdam for the dismantle of our client’s exhibition stand at the Integrated Systems Europe show, only to hear that our flights had been cancelled due to warnings of heavy snow.

Fortunately the project manager of the exhibition stand acted fast and, with the willing assistance of the MxL crew who were travelling for the dismantle of the stand, managed to secure an alternative method of transport to ensure that the final stages of the project run smoothly.

We understand that delays are a common occurance, which is why we constantly monitor transport / traffic updates and are always ready to act fast when needed to.

You can never predict the weather, but you can always count on MxL getting to the venue on time.

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