Museum set works

We work with project managers, designers and curators in some of the UK’s most prestigious and well-known museums, galleries and auction houses, producing stunning set pieces.

All projects are set out in full 3D working plans, ensuring the details are accounted for and any issues are discussed and resolved before the manufacturing stage commences.

We manufacture in our workshop in Hertfordshire, where we use the latest technologies and methods to complete a wide variety of projects to the tightest of deadlines. Clients are invited to visit us at anytime to check the progress of their project.

Our experienced installation crew always work in a professional and polite manner. Our staff work fast, efficiently and safely at all times. The finishing touches are always taken care of and the dedicated project manager will be on site to double check the build has met the specification, only leaving when you are fully satisfied.

Whether it’s a full set piece, a travelling show or a one-off bespoke plinth, we understand our clients’ desires to achieve finishes and get things right first time.

Why choose MxL for your next Museum project?

- Dedicated project manager overseeing the entire process

- High quality finish on all of our projects

- Professional and polite experienced installation crew

- Detailed technical drawings

- Can work to tight deadlines