When exhibiting at a show, it can sometimes prove hard and even frustrating when trying to get the attention of visitors passing by your stand. It may be that they have had a quick glance at your company services and do not require to talk to you. However, some visitors may be key potential customers that you have just let walk on by.

So how do you get their attention? It may be as easy as appearing approachable by smiling politely and saying hello. But if you really want to grab their attention then you need to create a buzz around your exhibition stand.

These new virtual reality headsets are the ideal promotional tool to guarantee visitor attraction.

Virtual reality headsets allow users to experience 360-degree viewing and gaming by simply downloading any “Virtual Reality App” or “3D App” on a smartphone. The headset is padded for extra comfort, and head strap is also adjustable.

Whether you have your own virtual reality experience that you can show off, or if you are giving these away as a promotional branded giveaway, virtual reality headsets will always make a great talking point and get visitors instant attention. Cheaper alternatives are also available if you are looking for a more cost-effective solution to give out in bulk.

For more information and pricing on virtual reality headsets, please feel free to contact us today.

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