Providing your exhibition stand designer with a detailed brief is key to ensuring that your stand design will work for you. The hardest task for any stand designer is to be given a blank canvas to work from. It may sound ideal, but in reality your exhibition stand should reflect your business; and nobody knows your business and brand better than you do.

To help you get started on writing the perfect exhibition stand brief, here is our list of essential details to include:

Name And Information Of Company Exhibiting

This may seem obvious, but it’s important to know the correct name of the company exhibiting and information about that company. We do not need a history lesson, just a brief overview about the company and services.

Name Of Exhibition, Venue And Dates Of The Show

Another obvious one, but again it’s very important to know the name of the show as well as the venue location and dates. It’s also very good to know the dates for build up and dismantle, but not essential as we can always check this for you.

Reasons For Attending The Show

Are you looking to gather more leads? Is the stand going to be used for client meetings? Are you trying to raise brand awareness? Having a clear objective will help us design a stand that will best suit your specific goals.

Stand Information

Is your stand a space only or shell scheme? What is the size of your stand? How many open sides does your stand have? Is there a maximum build height? If you’re not too sure about any of these, then it’s best to share your stand number and we can check with the show organisers for you.

Brand Guidelines And Artwork

All of our stand designs are presented in 3D visuals. By sharing your brand guidelines and artwork we can make sure that the colour palette and your logo is portrayed correctly. Please note that all of our designs are for visual purposes only, meaning that any of the colours and logo positionings can be altered.

Products Or Services That You Will Be Showcasing

This is basically your key selling point on your stand, so is fundamental to the overall design. Do you have a certain product that needs to be displayed on a plinth? How will you be showing off your service that you provide? By understanding your product or service, we can make sure that the stand helps to promote this in the best way possible.

Do You Require A Reception Area / Meeting Area / Storage / Furniture?

There are traditional components of an exhibition stand that are used time and time again, simply because they are very useful. A reception counter is perfect for greeting visitors onto your stand. Storage is key to ensuring that the stand stays neat and tidy. Meeting areas can either be private, semi-private or completely open depending on how you wish to engage. And different furniture styles help reflect your company image. Not all components will work for you, but if you think that it is essential or will prove useful then let us know!

Do You Require Any AV Equipment?

AV is very popular and a great way for visitors to engage. With the popularity of tablet devices and touchscreens, there are plenty of possibilities out there. However, it is important to make sure that you have the correct media to show off. Nothing looks more unprofessional than having a screen or tablet without any relative media on it.

Will You Have Any Promotional Collateral Such As Brochures Or Promotional Giveaways?

Having a range of memorable promotional items and literature will help emphasise your overall brand impact for visitors, keeping your company name in their mind long after the show. It’s good to know what you plan to have on the stand so we can incorporate enough storage space, as well as have them displayed for easy access. This can be literature racks, bag hooks or additional shelving.

Are You Looking To Re-Use Your Stand For Future Shows?

If you are attending more than one trade show a year then we can look at ways of re-using the same stand elements to fit within different stand spaces and shows. We offer storage as well if you wish to re-use bespoke stand components each year.


Nobody likes to mention the ‘B’ word when it comes to getting a quote, but knowing your proposed budget can help us decide on the best solution for your stand design. As everything we do is bespoke, there are plenty of different options available to suit all budgets. If you’re unsure on your budget then we are always here to help!


So now that you are ready, make sure to send us your amazing exhibition stand brief so we can create the perfect stand design for you!

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