Having the correct furniture on your exhibition stand is essential, and can vary depending on the style of show you are exhibiting at or for how long you need to engage with the visitors.

To help you choose the correct option, here is a quick guide to the most popular furniture options available for exhibition stands:

Poseur table and bar stools

Ideal for: informal meetings

High-level poseur tables are great for visitors who want to have an informal chat, where they can perhaps lean against or put their drinks down. Additional bar stools make it easier to conduct quick meetings without being too intimidating.

Low-level coffee table and chairs

Ideal for: Formal meetings

If you have important clients or visitors that will be attending your stand, then it may be best to have low-level seating with a coffee table for a more personal meeting.

Bench seating

Ideal for: Speakers or presentations

Bench seating is perfect if you have a presentation or speaker on your exhibition stand. Our own bespoke benches can also have lift-off seats for additional storage space if required.


Ideal for: High-end trade shows and formal meetings

For a more high-end look and feel, then sofas and armchairs work great for impressing important visitors that may wish to have a longer discussion about your services.

Branded furniture: Bean bags, deck chairs, cubed seating

Ideal for: additional brand exposure

Branded furniture will help create further brand awareness on your exhibition stand. You can be quite creative with your artwork, and furniture such as bean bags or deck chairs are great for adding a relaxed and welcoming feel to your stand.

Do you need help in choosing the best furniture option for your next exhibition stand?  Talk to us today on 01992 642 642, or email info@mxlltd.co.uk

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